Peace in Cancer

Год: 2012
Автор: Sude Khanian
Издательство: JustFiction Edition
Cancer is a symbolic story written in a very intriguing manner. Peace, a 22 year old boy, is missioned in a letter from her deceased mother to deliver a highly sensitive message to 13 very diverse individuals who he has never met which would change their lives and his forever. Relying on logic, Peace extremely worries the outcome and questions his mum’s judgment at first. But one strange shared similarity gives him the courage to move on and as a result he witnesses a most unexpected miracle. In the preceding two stories, author delivers the same message but in less symbolic stories which hold more hidden themes. Based on the true story of a female Quantum Physicist, On the Silk Road to Love, talks about the unfair treatments a 36 year old woman receives in her pursue of love and how her genius and cultural differences gets mistaken by insanity. Alleged, the leading story, is the life story of a 22 year old girl upon whom life had enforced 2 extremely conflicting personas; one…

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